All members and fellows,
The council has decided to communicate with members 
through emails with effect from 1st January 2018, except for those who are above 65 years by 
​January 2018
, with whom communication will be continued using conventional mail.
 who would like to receive conventional letters are kindly requested to make a request to the College.
​ If any member/fellow who are above 65 yrs who would like to use email for communication ​are kindly requested to inform us (I am sure there are many seniors members who are better at emails than the younger crowd !)
Thank You
The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka


pre prof lama

President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is a privilege and an honour that has been accorded to me to be selected as the 35th President of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka. I applaud the outgoing President and the council for what they have achieved during the past year.

The College has long strived to maintain "excellence in surgical care". This would facilitate the needs and expectations of our clientele – the patients – ensuring professional competence, accessibility, kindness and benevolent understanding from the surgical community. In reiterating our commitment to these basic ideals, the chosen theme of the year is “Surgical Care: Optime Maxime” (best for the most).

To meet the above ideals, the council has recognized the need to engage on several fronts, which include, ensuring continuity in our projects and programs, strengthening and formalising existing mechanisms of college activities, perspective planning, wider participation of membership, reaching the periphery, revising and developing clinical guidelines, preparing authentic patient information material, inculcating professionalism and adherence to ethical principles, supporting the development of specialised surgical service programs, contributing to improvement of surgical competence and ensuring all-island availability of facilities for surgery.

To achieve these goals, it is essential that the membership work as a group and relentlessly over several years, working closely with the Ministry of Health and other stake holders.

During the year an array of programs will take place in all nine provinces of the country, supported by the regional chapters. Enthusiasm shown by the members across the country is most encouraging. These activities will be continually uploaded to the college website. The annual conference of the college will be held this year, as an International Conference, jointly organized with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the SAARC Surgical Care Society, from 16th to 20th August, in the beautiful and historic city of Kandy.

I invite all the fellows and members, both from home and overseas to contribute to the activities undertaken by your college, for you, trainees and general public of our country.

With warmest regards,

Prof MD Lamawansa
President of the College of Surgeons